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DNP – updated advice

Taken from a letter to our Parish Clerk

Public access

As you will be aware, as from Wednesday 14th the new government measures announced by the Prime Minister come into effect. In particular, people can “take more and even unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise” providing that they practice social distancing. The Prime Minister was also clear that “you can drive to other destinations” to enjoy the countryside and for physical exercise.

Many people have contacted us since the Prime Minister’s statement to either: express concern about the potential for lots more visitors and the impact they may have; or to seek clarity on what they can or cannot do as from 13 May 2020.

Our car parks are now open but our public toilets and visitor centres remain closed and will only open when we deem it safe to do so, and social distancing can be maintained, or there is appropriate guidance in place.

I have written an open letter which we hope will be published in the Western Morning News and other local press and covered by the BBC (radio and television).

We are asking people to “Stay Alert, Be Considerate, Be Responsible”:

Stay alert

  •   Stay at home as much as possible
  •   Limit contact with other people – think about when you come and avoid busy sitesand peak times of day
  •   Follow social distancing rules. Keep away from other people (2 metres apart)
  •   Wash your hands regularly – bring hand/sanitising gel with you (as there are limitedfacilities available to wash hands) and use it after touching shared surfaces e.g.gates and stiles when walking on paths
  •   Keep your dog on a lead at all times
  •   Look out for ticks and adders

Be Considerate

  •   Of farmers, local communities and the vulnerable. Avoid paths through farmyards and gardens – don’t linger if you do use them
  •   Of the wildlife, countryside and unique landscape – the lambing, foal and bird breeding
  •   When you park, please ensure you aren’t blocking gateways, narrow lanes or driveways
  •   To our rangers and staff – they are here to look after Dartmoor and those living, working and visiting
  •   To other visitors – share the space, limit your visits
  •   Be patient with other people

Be Responsible

  •   No barbecues or fires – the ground is very dry and there is a real risk of wildfires
  •   Follow the Ranger Code
  •   Take your litter home. It can harm wildlife and grazing animals and is a health risk
  •   Don’t wild camp
  •   Come during the day but don’t stay overnight in second homes, camper vans or tents.

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