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Free School Meals Extended

Children in England who are eligible for free school meals will receive a six-week food voucher to cover the summer holiday period, after a campaign by Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford. 

A spokesman for the prime minister announced that all children eligible for free school meals during term time in England will continue to be provided for through a ‘COVID-19 Summer Food Fund’, estimated to be around £120 million. 

The decision will provide around 1.3 million children with meals throughout the summer holidays. 

If you are on a low income, you or your family may also be entitled to claim for free school meals. The criteria for free school meals is on the government’s website.   

You can make a quick application online where your eligibility can be assessed immediately, and let you know straight away.  

To apply for free school meals please visit the Free School Meal Portal.  

If you have any other queries relating to free school meal entitlement you can email the team at

Life Guard Service Expanded

We probably know already, but just in case…

Look out for Test and Trace Scam

The government have abandoned their ‘world class’ Test and Trace service. Who’d have thought it? (editor’s note). Just in case, though We’ve heard about another test and trace scam, which is also trying to con people into paying for a COVID-19 swab test, and might be still going on. 

Here’s what happened.  A care home manager received a text to say that he had tested positive following a recent swab, and that he needed another test.  He phoned the number in the text and was told that he’d have to pay for the test.  He was asked for his bank details. 

This is a scam, and it was quickly reported to the police. 

For avoidance of any doubt, the NHS Test and Trace service will absolutely not: 

• ask for bank details or payments 

• ask for details of any other accounts, such as social media 

• ask you to set up a password or PIN number over the phone 

• ask you to call a premium rate number, such as those starting 09 or 087 

Text messages will come from NHStracing. 

However, if you think you might have the virus, this is how to book a test.

I’ve been online and there is nothing to say things are any different, and if you want a test, you can still order one through the NHS Website, or phone 119.

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