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Dear Patients

We have all come through some hard months where anxiety levels have been high and we have all been put at an unprecedented risk due to Covid-19. The threat level we are told is lowering and whilst the immediate future looks brighter, we are continuing to place both your health and safety and that of our staff as a priority at the Health Centre.

The following applies for an appointment that you are invited into the Health Centre for, ONLY attend the Health Centre if you have an appointment.

1. If you have any possible Covid related symptoms, DO NOT attend the Health Centre. Use NHS 111 online or telephone NHS 111.

2. Only attend the Health Centre at your EXACT time of appointment.

3. Please wear a facial covering to your appointment. They are readily available at the Pharmacy and the Co-op and within the comunity.

4. Please stand on the floor stickers that you will see in the foyer.

5. As you attend, we will check you for a fever at the entrance foyer by scanning your forehead. If you have a fever you will be asked to return home and the clinician you were due to see will telephone you. No fever then you will be invited in to see the clinician

6. On attending we ask you to use the hand sanitiser in the hall way – this will help protect you as you enter the building should you touch the door surfaces. As soon as you enter the building we will ask you to wash your hands with soap and water using the facilities in the patient WC.

This is to help maximise Infection Control.

If you have queries that you would like to raise with the GPs or the Admin Team then please use our eConsult platform available through our website or Patient Access.

We are no longer accepting email requests from Patients.

Continue to keep well, continue to be sensible in terms of the risks you face and continue to contact the Health Centre as you would have in the past!Moretonhampstead Health Centre Team

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