Hi All

Last year we held this in the Parish Hall and it was a roaring success , both as a very enjoyable event and in raising money for the Parish Hall Thatch Fund.
So, it would really make sense to repeat it. Maybe with an objective of making it an annual event.

What is it?

We hire in a pop up Chef called Rob Dawes. He used to teach at the Ashburton Cooking School before branching out to his own thing.
He does a menu of 5 courses. It is top London Fine Dining standard as I’m sure everyone who went last year could vouch for.
Included is a glass of fizz at the beginning but after that you provide your own drinks.
The total charge is £53 per person of which £15 goes directly to the Parish Hall Thatch Fund and £38 is the charge from Rob.

it will be on Saturday 14th April!


We can cater for 7 tables of 6 and my ideal would be to ask for 7 table “leaders” to coordinate their table.
The Table Leaders would therefore:
Organise their table of 6
Give me a cheque for £318 by 14th March to cover the 6 people (might as well just make it to me , Gordon Hurst, just to keep Hall Admin to be as simple as possible).
Obtain any dietary requirements for your table and send to me , as soon as possible , but latest 14th March.

If someone wants to come but can’t organise a table then please just tell me and I’ll aim to do a mixed table so no one misses out.

Next Steps

Please email me , or call on 01647 221 535 to book a table ASAP to avoid disappointment.

I can guarantee a marvellous evening!!

Cheers All