The NBCG 2019 AGM will take place in The Parish Hall on Wednesday 20th March at 1900hrs.

North Bovey Conservation Group AGM All Parishioners Welcome


1)         Apologies

2)         Approval of Minutes of 2018 AGM

3)         Matters arising

4)         Election of Officers

  • Treasurer
  • Project organiser
  • Secretary

5)         Secretary’s report

  • Insurance
  • Membership

6)         Treasurer’s report

7)         Project organiser’s report

8)         Sub-group leaders reports

Craft Club

Dark Skies project

9)         PR and fund-raising

  • DNPA volunteer network
  • DNPA communities fund
  • Village Fair

10)      New projects


More surveys?

For further information contact NBCG secretary: Hazel Jones or 01647 440143

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the North Bovey Conservation group held on 20th March 2018


Present: Hazel Jones (Secretary), Ebbe Pedersen (Treasurer), John Clark (Project Organiser) and 17 current and potential members of the Group.

1) Apologies: Mike Rego

2) Approval of Minutes 27th April 2017 – minutes approved with no amendments

3) Matters arising – None

4) Election of Officers

  • Treasurer                                   Ebbe Pedersen
  • Project organiser                       John Clark
  • Secretary                                  Hazel Jones
  • Other Committee members
    • John Adamson as deputy Project organiser
    • Leaders of any subgroups set up to manage specific topics

5) Secretary’s report:

  • Insurance – Zurich’s specialist insurance team, one of the leading providers of insurance for conservation groups. Current insurance gives cover for all group members including Road Warden and Snow Warden (indemnity limit £5M). Cost essentially the same, now includes cover for equipment up to £5000.

Additional payment to cover funds from MTMTE

  • Membership stands at 43 (lost 3 gained 6 from last year).
  • 16 members active during the last year. 646 person.hours contributed by group members April 2017 – March 2018 of which 126 were part of the MTMTE project. This compares with 474 person.hours in the previous year.

646 person/hours equivalent to £4845 @national living wage

Hours are almost certainly under-reported as members tend to react as problems arise and do not always inform the secretary.

6) Treasurer’s report:

Copies of accounts for 10-02-2017 – 09-02-2018 were handed out.

Bank balance at 09-02-2016 was £3795.87.

Moor than Meets the Eye funding for Heritage Festival and the Wool project is managed through the NBCG. Other Income includes

  • funding from DNPA Volunteer network
  • DCC funding  to support Road Warden scheme
  • private donations
  • village fair

 7) Project organiser’s report:

Project Organiser.

The Group has 2 members qualified to use pesticides and 2 members qualified to use brushcutters.

This enables us to work with DNPA and others on the control of non-native plants and to carry out clearance around sites of archaeological interest. The work on the Rights of Way in the Parish continues in collaboration with our DNPA Ranger.

Annual Tasks

Snow warden activity: filling DCC grey bags, distributing roadside bags to potential trouble spots around the Parish as far as Bughead Cross.

Churchyard and allotments tidy up

Clearing leaves off The Village Green

Xmas tree harvesting, erection on the Green and decoration. Removal and disposal of tree in January. Footpath maintenance between Blackaller and BC Golf Course

Himalayan balsam clearance along the Bovey from Blackaller and across BC estate to Clay Waste.

Annual Marsh Fritillary flight and web surveys at 5 sites in the Parish

Other tasks undertaken

12 Swift boxes have been constructed and will be fixed to houses adjacent to the existing nesting site in an effort to extend the colony.

Parish Hall: Painting and repairs

Road Warden negotiations with DCC Highways

Drain and Buddle clearance around the Parish

Skunk cabbage herbicide treatment aimed at eventual eradication. An ongoing project. Part of DNPA invasive species eradication project.

Sky quality measurements to obtain data for Dark-sky status application.

Attendance at MTMTE Community Stakeholder’s Group CSG quarterly meetings.

Support for MTMTE projects – managing grants etc.

Organisation of North Bovey heritage festival 2017.

(Including Beating the Bounds.)

8) To consider Subgroups within the Conservation Group to manage specific topics.

It was proposed that two subgroups be set up:

  1. Dark skies group under the leadership of Laurence Shorthouse – to formulate an application to the International Dark skies association (IDA) for Dark Sky Park status for Dartmoor.
  2. Craft Group under the leadership of Pamela Manning – to be held monthly in the Parish Hall

The Constitution to be amended to include these groups as an addition to the Aims and Objectives with the wording “ To promote community cohesion and conserve Parish traditions and identity by supporting, organising and/or hosting events and activities in the Parish”

A vote was taken and carried nem. con.

9) PR and fund raising

Heritage Festival 2017

Village Fair 2017

Presentations by Group members to DCC Highways maintenance conference, Moor Mediaeval Group, Parishscapes conference.

Funds granted to the group by:

HLF                                          Moor than Meets the Eye projects

DNPA Volunteer Network           Conservation Group support

Village fair                                Conservation Group support

Individual donations                  Conservation Group support

DNPA communities fund           Swift boxes and boardwalk

10) Ongoing and new projects:

  • Himalayan Balsam clearance – continuation of work started 5 years ago. Dates to be arranged.
  • Skunk Cabbage clearance with DNPA.
  • Funding obtained from DNPA Communities fund to create a boardwalk across the meadow near Bovey bridge to replace the rapidly eroding riverside path to Bovey Castle.
  • Improvement of access to road at Clay waste – to be discussed with Bovey Castle (Iain Wylie)
  • Pot-hole filling under roadwarden scheme to be trialled.
  • Group to continue to act as facilitator for MTMTE projects providing fund management, insurance for activities
  • Construct and install swift boxes in the Church tower for next year’s returning swifts. Permission granted by PCC.


  • Wool dyeing workshop – date TBA
  • An exhibition on the North Bovey History of Wool with talk by Bill Hardiman 27/4/18
  • Walk from Moorgate to North Bovey to retrace the route taken by children to school
  • Heritage festival to be replaced by discrete events to include, moth trapping, test-pitting etc – TBA
  • Craft group meetings on 2nd Tuesday of each month starting 10/4/18
  • Talks various – eg Invasive species