Conley BeefHopefully you have all seen my wonderful Blue Grey steers on Broadmeads. Blue Greys are a traditional beef breed created by crossing a Belted Galloway with a White Shorthorn. Although as lovely as they are, it is time for them to go and I would like nothing more than for them to go locally. So I will be selling beef boxes to anyone who would like some. They are 29 months old and have only ever been fed on our grass and hay. Each steer has been hung for four weeks and I use Andy Cox who used to work with Barry Moore in Moreton to cut and bag up the meat.
I can supply any size meat boxes, fresh or frozen.
They will contain depending on their weight, a selection of – Roasting Joints, Stewing beef, Various steaks, Minced beef
The price is £9 per kgI also produce Goat and Lamb on the farm and we can supply Game boxes too.
Goat and lamb boxes are £7 per kg
Game boxes are £6 per kgFor further enquiries please call me, Chris Conley on –
01647 221348 or 07852220581
Or email me –
Free local delivery