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    Seen this person? I think not…

    From the local constabulary… Police are investigating the report of the theft of a rusty wrought iron gate from a property in Widdecombe in the Moor. The gate which has a wooden plaque with the name West Hayes was stolen between 1700hrs on Saturday the 24th and 0900hrs on Sunday the 25th January 2015. Residents are asked to be aware of this incident and report any suspicious activity you may see to police, dialling 999 if offenders are still in the area at the time of your call. Anyone with information regarding this theft or whereabouts of the gate is asked to call the 101 no: quoting crime ref 5656/15.…

  • Parish Council

    North Bovey Parish Council meeting Agenda

    The February meeting of North Bovey Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall in North Bovey. All members are summoned to attend. Press and members of the Public are most welcome Karen Gilbert We shall be joined by Michele Radant from Mid Devon Cycling Club Women’s Officer to discuss the group’s proposal for a cycle event passing through North Bovey Village in June 2015 1. Apologies 2. Parishioners Forum 3. Declaration of interest – Members are invited to declare any personal or prejudicial interest relating to any agenda item at this stage but may also do so at any time during…

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    Village Fair Distributions

    Hello Everyone I thought it would be helpful to share with you the success of last year’s village fair and what has been done with the funds raised. I will apologise in advance for my appalling spelling but , sadly , there’s not a lot I can do about it now. However , I will attempt to keep out of the Americanised trap of their persistence in replacing “s’s ” with “z’s”. Is there any wonder I don’t warm to the spellchecker ! I am very pleased to report that last year delivered a record profit of £3,857.23. ( I can never work out how we end up with odd…

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    Jupiter – triple moon shadow transit

    There will be a triple shadow transit of Jupiter’s moons on 24th of January. This is quite unusual and occurs only a couple of times per decade. http://astronomynow.com/2015/01/02/jupiters-moons-events-enthral-observers Laurence Shorthouse has kindly agreed to set up a telescope so that we can (weather permitting) view this from his terrace. The event will occur at 06:30. Would anyone who is interested please let Laurence know (laurence.shorthouse@gmail.com)?

  • Calendar


    Please see below & right. On test it seems a new ‘Events’ does not get email circulation as a new ‘Post’ does. If one of you has an event planned it would be good to see it tested ‘live’ as it may need a regular post and a calendar link. Which, of course, sounds way more complicated than it probably is!

  • Village Fair


    The Fair Committee has a small amount of money to allocate from last years profits. If there is something you consider to be benefit to the community, could you let me, Mandy Hart,  know before 19th January so the Committee can discuss it. Many thanks.

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    Grey Shrike

    Grey shrike (probably Great) seen along byway to Barnecourt. Sitting up on fence post, above our barn and again above Ray Powells gate. Very poor photo through twigs.