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The Website

Early Days. I founded the site about 10 years ago for the benefit of all. It had the simple intention of being a Notice Board as the digital age became more widely accepted. Hence the original name NB which stood for both North Bovey and Notice Board. As blogging software evolved and changed it moved through Blogger to Posterous and now WordPress. “WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination. (And tech chops.) To put it simply it is now a fully fledged website with the flexibility to be as simple of complex as users want it to be. It has retained its original mission statement “For the benefit of all. It is only moderated to avoid the abusive or devisive. No anonymous posts and comments!

For a long while I simply posted on behalf of people. As Editor I set the site up for the best balance of free speech and discretion. I cut a few posts, cleaned up some grammar, blocked a few intruders but generally kept a gentle hand on the tiller. But as it slowly became more widely used I saw it as a problem that my name was appearing as author on most of the posts. It seemed more appropriate, if a post represented a body, activity or committee, it was attributed to a representative person. In principle I wanted parishioners to take ownership of their part of the website. I host and administer the website as a personal contribution but it was, and is, a community facility.

Where we are now!

Gordon Hurst posts on behalf of The Village Fair.

Mandy Hart posts on behalf of Parish Council.

Wendy Speigel posts on behalf of The Friends of St John’s.

Richard Edlmann posts on behalf of the Ring of Bells.

Mandy Hart posts on behalf of The Parish Hall.

Bovey Castle has the facility to post on its own behalf but this is patchy at present (ahem!)

Jenninfer Jones posts mostly about music events.

John Clark posts on behalf of the Environment Group.

Sarah Shorthouse posts for the Church.

Mike Rego posts on photography and is possibly our Foreign Correspondent.

Please note posts on behalf of groups are the sole responsibility of the author for accuracy, contact and tone.

Lionel Holmes and Paul Smith are also authors and all the individuals above can post in a personal capacity but under their own names.

In the event of any problems arising in connection with Village Voices there is an informal Editorial Team and your Editor canvasses their views. We will also meet annually to discuss the future of the site. Currently the Editorial Team consists of: Lionel Holmes, Jennifer Jones, John Clark, Mandy Hart & Dominic Hilton.

The website is open to view. Only Authors are able to post articles or Announcements. Only subscribers to the site are allowed to comment. 

Want to be able to post as an individual or representing a group? Just contact Gary on 441111 or

Gary Day-Ellison, Editor & Admin