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Drainage Works – advanced warning.

This is a message sent from Scott Ridell of Devon CC about upcoming drainage works in the road from Pound Rock into the Village.

Advanced notice boards will go up a week before the start of the closure, but the drainage works will begin on Monday 2nd November on the main road leading into North Bovey. The road will be closed and light traffic will be directed on a diversion whilst heavy traffic will be allowed to pass through.


Please could you make everyone in the village aware of this. We really need those people and vehicles that are capable to take the diversion to do so and minimise the amount of traffic that needs to go through the site. Given the narrowness of the road here, the guys on site to allow vehicles to pass through will need to stop work, remove equipment such as excavators from site, move equipment to the side and put boards down to cover any trenches, then move the T&M. The they will have to re-establish all of this again to continue work.


This will be very disruptive to works and could increase the amount of time it takes to carry out the job significantly and consequently increase the cost of completing the scheme. This will further have a knock on effect for the programme of works and prevent them getting to other schemes we have programmed in. Please could you emphasise to people that the quicker these works are completed, i.e. the least disruption the gang get on site, the better it is for everyone as we can complete the works with the minimum of disruption and with less cost to the tax payer.


Could they also be respectful to the lads on site and recognise that they are simply carrying out their work. Maybe the last point isn’t necessary, but it does happen a lot.