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North Bovey Belles WI – Coping in Challenging Times

For the February monthly meeting of the North Bovey Belles WI, the speaker was Dr Rebecca Alegbo and was held on Zoom.  She talked to us about “Coping in Challenging Times”.  Dr Rebecca is a part time lecturer of psychology at the University of Exeter and runs a social enterprise called Towards Training, which is a business for the benefit for the community. She trains and teaches people skills in a different way to improve their wellbeing.

The restrictions imposed on us during the latest Covid pandemic have created a lot of anxiety and created a barrier for getting help.  In the past it has been suggested that one should get rid of negative thoughts and think positive.  This might work for you.  But sometimes suppression doesn’t work too well and it causes more problems than it solves.

Dr Rebecca showed us a different approach to combat these negative thoughts and a way to improve our lives.