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Village Fair – 17th July, 2021 ??

Hello All,

Firstly I do hope you are all keeping well and surviving the harsh times we are in. I am writing to gauge the interest in holding the village fair this year. Richard Loughton and myself are happy to organise the event but before doing so we thought it best to do a straw poll of opinion.

The questions we’d welcome guidance on are:

1) Should we run a fair?

2) If yes, should we aim for the traditional date, being 17th July? That would be nearly four weeks after the planned easing of all restrictions.

3) If not, when?

It is relevant to note that neither Richard or I can be present on 17th July. I don’t think that’s a problem as I’m sure someone can step forward just to be a focal point on the day if needed.

Also relevant to note that when I previously moved the date it was very unpopular due to the impact on other local events which all “have their slots” in the local calendar.

I am having another meeting with Richard on 16th March so if you wish to respond then I would be grateful if you could get back to me before then. My email address is

All the best, and stay safe.