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North Bovey Village Fair 2021

Dear All,
I hope you are all as well as can be expected in these particularly horrid times. The light at the end of that tunnel is getting closer to give us all hope of getting out of this in the not too distant future.
I have canvassed a number of people’s views on running the Fair this year. As you may expect the views are wide ranging and not ones that are conducive in getting a consensus outcome on. Richard Loughton and I were going to run the Fair jointly, but we have concluded that the sensible decision is to not run the Fair this year.
Whilst there is a majority that do want to run the Fair, there is a significant minority that would feel very uncomfortable with this.
Our view is that we need to respect that significant minority.
We feel that the Fair is a day that everyone needs to be fully behind. If some people are uncomfortable (understandably) and therefore couldn’t support the event in the way that they otherwise would then there would be a shadow on the event that would be contrary to the community spirit that is central to the culture of the event.
There have been some suggestions not to cancel but to wait and see how the Covid backdrop develops with a view to potentially run the Fair at the end of August or beginning of September.
I certainly feel that the reality of the planning and build up before the day is too involved to decide a few weeks before to run it. Whilst it’s a nice idea, I just don’t think it is practical.
For a while I’ve been planning that this year would be my last year in organising the Fair. I’m pleased to say that going forward Richard Loughton and Dai Jenkin will be the new organisers. I will still be in the background helping with some of the administrative aspects that I can fit in around the growing number of other things I do.
I realise that this message may not reach everybody in the village, so please can I ask if you can spread the word on our approach this year.
I know we have had an exceptional influx of new people living in the village, so I also ask you to try to encourage them to get involved in our Fair next year
The consequence of some people leaving is that there are some gaps for smallholders. I know it would help considerably if people who want to help, or know people who want to help, get in touch with Richard or Dai. Planning for next year can never start soon enough!
Let’s concentrate on getting this horror show behind us and look forward to a brighter future very soon, including a super dooper Village Fair next year!
Best Wishes to all,